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This is our original product launched in 2016. Our grounded coffee is directly traded by local farmers in Flores, Indonesia. We recommend you enjoy our coffee with Frenchpress, Aeropress, Moka, or filter brewing method. Your support for our products will also help install biogas digesters and provide climate smart agriculture education for farmers.


Now you can share the gifts too. - 250g (Roasted & Grounded)

PriceFrom Rp145,000.00
  • 250gr Single-origin 100% Arabica Coffee from Bajawa, Flores.

    Sweet flavor, medium roasted, fully washed and grounded


    Arabica Type : 

    Varieties s795 

    Fullwashed Process 

    Height 1350 MDPL 


    Medium Roast 

    Flavour Notes: brown sugar, chocolate, orange, pineapple 

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